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Monday, November 2, 2009

Another new food

Along with the roast chicken, I also tried another new dish--acorn squash. I've tasted it before, in my high school and college cooking labs. It was always one of the microwavable foods. I was never in the groups that made those dishes, but I had liked the sweet, fall flavor of the squash. When I came across this post from Pioneer Woman, I just started drooling. Oh man.

I LOVED this dish. Unfortunately, Meijer was out of fresh rosemary, so I had to use dry, but it was still amazingly delicious.

However, J. and JC were not nearly as impressed. They both kind of wrinkled up their nose. I think maybe if I had mashed it up and put it in something, they would have loved it just as much as I did. But tell Indiana guys they are eating roast squash...yeah they aren't so into it. See what I'm up against? It's so, so sad.

Go check out Pioneer Woman's post. I didn't change the recipe other than to use 1 Tbsp dried instead of fresh rosemary, and her pictures will just make you drool all over your keyboard. And just a head's up...I just got her cookbook in the mail, so you may see even more of the gorgeous PW around. But that's a good thing, I promise.

(Damn you government...No, PW is in no way paying me or connected to me in any way. She probably has no idea who I am or the fact that I'm even writing this post. I just really love her food and her pictures and really look up to her as a blogger.)

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