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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Bathtime for the babies!

I know this is technically a food blog, and you all come here for the recipes. But, as with all blogs, there is a real live person behind this operation, and I thought I'd introduce you to my life. How better a way to do that than to lead you through my day? I have a special treat for you--a photoblog that will take you through the adventure that was this Sunday. Oh the hilarity! Join me, will you?

After lunch, I returned to my basement to discover a muddy mess on my couch. Who could be the culprit? I set out to find her. It wasn't difficult, as she had left tracks everywhere!

My basement carpet is caked with the brown stuff.

Someone has been in my office...

And the bathroom...

Heading into the dining room...We must be getting close, I see a hint of the culprit now!

Ah ha! Caught redhanded! Getting ready to head back out to get even MORE muddy! Look at this mess!

"You have no proof! It wasn't me! I am innocent I promise!"--Jenny

"Mom, look what I can do!!! No need to worry about a little mud. What mud? I can catch my tail! Isn't this cool?"

What a brown noser.

She got what she deserved though. And her sisters got punished for it too. All three got a much needed bath today. Jenny didn't do too badly. She was pretty meek.

Smokey acted EXACTLY how we expected. She HOWLED. And squirmed. My old girl was NOT happy. Poor baby. She forgave me once she dried off though. She was purring when I gave her a treat later.

Keira surprised us both. While Smokey is declawed in front, Keira has claws on all four paws still. She's our wild child, so we were expecting a show. She freaked out a bit when J. turned on the water, and hooked her claw into my neck (check it out in the pictures below). She calmed down after we got going.

She looked like a drowned rat though. My pretty princess was not so pretty soaking wet.

It may not look like much, but that tiny dot is a puncture wound where her claw was stuck in me. Unfortunately, these are really unflattering pictures of yours truly.

The felines also got collars. With the recent installation of the doggie door, we've been a little nervous about them getting out, so we decided to make sure no one mistook them for strays. We didn't get name tags for them yet, but we will once they are used to the collars.

I had planned to cook tonight, and was going to have a recipe for you. Unfortunately, all of the water from the girls' baths and my laundry is standing in my garage right now. My main drain is clogged and blew the cap off my cleanout. Which means I have no use of my drains until one of my guys can get here to help me out (good thing I work for a plumbing company!). Just not the best environment for cooking in, when I can't run water in my kitchen or anything. Luckily, I have lots of material for you today :). Hope you enjoyed it!



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